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Topcashback - earn by shopping and getting a cashback is a traditional cashback website. However, it excels at many fields and can be easily called one of the best on market. They offer a lot of ways to save on your usual shopping habit...
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Stepes - earn money by translating

Stepes is a perfect app/website for people who want to learn with their translating skills. You do not have to be a professional to learn, just have good skills in the requested languages. F...
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PacketStream - cool idea, but a very fishy website that you need to avoid by all means

PacketStream is quite new on the market. It got advertised on different websites devoted to beermoney. Personally, I have first heard about them on reddit. The idea seemed cool, and they promised a lo...
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  127 Hits - earn on the website that provides the best rates for offerwalls

This website is just awesome, I believe it is one of the best among their field. I'll advise to give them a try at least, they are nice to work with. They have very lucrative offers, some of them...
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​Guessmaster - earn by testing your luck every day

Have you ever dreamt to win in a lottery? Well, that is a bit silly question, I guess everyone have at least once. Then this website is just for you! Luckily, it offers more chances than in ...
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Respondent - earn huge sums by participating in focus groups and interviews

This website is rather famous for its huge payouts and being legit. They offer various paid focus groups or inteviews and boast that any user can earn up to $250. Personally, I have earned $225 by qua...
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Attently Audience - earn passively watching videos

This website has an interesting idea: basically, it observes your emotions through your webcam and it pays you for watching videos on YouTube, Hulu and other streaming websites. Many people find ...
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PlayVig - reasons to avoid

This website is rather famous among the beermoney users. The idea is that you get paid for playing your favorite games, which may sound really exciting for many gamers. To be honest, it is very far fr...
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Gamekit - earn by playing games

This website specializes on the idea of playing games for cash. It is simple, you do some quests in computer games and get paid. The amount depends on the task and the game and it may vary very greatl...
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