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Streetbess - earn by drinking in a pub (and other tasks)

Personally, I really like this app when it has some tasks to do, usually it is a freebie being very easy to complete and having generous payments. If only it was stable... 

I'll list the benefits first:

+ Cool design. This one is worth to be mentioned because it is a rare thing for beermoney sites. The format looks like you have a talk with someone on WhatsApp or Facebook.

+ Good pay rates. Last time I have done it, they were offering $17 for a drink in a pub. Be careful, it may make you alcoholic ;)

+ Available international. It still greatly depends on your location, since their tasks are country-specific.

+ Fast payments. Usually takes them a few days to cashout, no fees as well.


- Not stable. I had to wait quite a long time to the tasks to appear, since my demographics are bad. It is still worth a go, perhaps your country is lucky this month to get the tasks.

- Paypal is the only option to get paid. I know it is usually not a problem for many - for me as well - but in some places Paypal is banned, well, or they just prefer credit cards.

Overall, it is one of those apps that are just worth being on your phone and which you should check once a week. The tasks may be scarce, but the rewards are very pleasant. Use a referral code 97749E to get $1 after your first completed task.



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