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Stepes - earn money by translating

Stepes is a perfect app/website for people who want to learn with their translating skills. You do not have to be a professional to learn, just have good skills in the requested languages. For many people it is very problematic to find an app to earn money by translating, and I am shocked that Stepes is not that famous as some other companies on market. Anyway, if you know some other language - or you are a native speaker of some rather rare (or high-demanded) language - you should definitily give it a try! The sum you can earn with this app depends on your skills. Let's go with the usual things.


+ First come, first serve scheme. It means that people request some pages to be translated and the first translator to get the job will do it. To be honest, I find this scheme simply amazing, you can start working without any huge experience in the field.

+ Generous pay rates. Everything depends on the price set by the requester, but usually the pay rates are higher than the standard price.

+ They have both app and website. This one is great and actually quite rare to see. You can choose whatever you enjoy and work lying on the bed or on the way to work. I wish more companies would do that.

+ International. That point was rather obvious.


- 1 language pair limit. To avoid abuse, they decided to implement this limit. It is quite bad and unfair, since people may know more than 2 languages on a equal good level. Another dumb thing is that English-German and German-English are two different pairs and you will not get two of them. No idea why, but it does not make much sense to me either.

- Need your CV. To start working, you need to upload your CV. It may take some time to fill, if you do not have one. They do not request anything like translating certificates included there, though.

- No notifications. There is no way to get notified about new jobs. Well, okay, there are some ways, and Stepes offer them to their users, but they work very rarely... for some reason. You have to check an app regularly, especially if your language pair is high on demand.

- PayPal only. As usual.

Overall, Stepes is a nice way to earn cash from home by translating. It is very rare to find ways to earn online with translations, so you have to remember this website and download an app. It may have some drawbacks, but it is still very much possible to work with and I would give it a try.

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