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Respondent - earn huge sums by participating in focus groups and interviews

This website is rather famous for its huge payouts and being legit. They offer various paid focus groups or inteviews and boast that any user can earn up to $250. Personally, I have earned $225 by qualifying only to one project!


+ Huge payouts. As I have already said, they may pay some unexpectedly big sums for your time. The pay rates vary from task to task though.

+ A variety. Their offers are very different, so you will never get bored and it is very possible that you will find a suitable task for yourself.

+ International. That's the best thing for me, but it is still quite limited for a non-US earner. You may find much more luck if you are from the United States, but international user should check it at least once a day as well!


- Hard to qualify. It is to be expected, such large sums mean they search for someone specific. It means that you will probably try a lot of tasks before you get invited. Do not lie to the companies, please, it will be very awkward for both parties and you may not be paid.

- Recent limitations. Since 2019 they have implemented a restriction, now a user can only qualify up to 3 projects a day. So choose carefully if you really fit the description.

Overall, this website is a golden mine and a must-visit for every earner in the Internet. It may be hard to qualify, but make sure to check it every day. I would also recommend to connect Linkeldn, as it is a requirement for most of their projects. Being honest will guarantee being paid, good luck!

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