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PlayVig - reasons to avoid

This website is rather famous among the beermoney users. The idea is that you get paid for playing your favorite games, which may sound really exciting for many gamers. To be honest, it is very far from perfect, but let's see the benefits and downsides first.


+ Cool idea. It sounds nice to earn some cash playing. You don't even have to go out of your habits, since you can choose a game yourself.

+ A good variety of games. They vary from classics like CSGO, League of Legends to new games, for example, Rainbow Six and others. Unless you are a retro or single-player gamer, you will find one of the games you play listed here.


- Awful payrates. They pay quite bad, so it may be not worthy. Let's do quick maths.
1000 points = 0.8$. You earn 50 points for a win in Overwatch. If you have 50% winrate, in average you earn whopping 4 cents in a hour of gameplay. It may be decent if it was totally passive, but you actually have to watch adds after every match. Sometimes they have some better offers, still, usually it is just not worth the efforts.

- Takes forever to withdraw. Even though they have withdrawals starting from $1, it still may take you a long time to earn even that sum.

- Crashes. They happen often, sometimes your game just doesn't count into statistics. It may be really demotivating when you're doing something like "5 wins in a row", which is already complex to complete, and then you have to fight against crashes as well. It sucks.

Overall, while some people may find it enjoyable way to earn quick cash while doing your favorite thing, its payments are usually too low to care. You may try it for yourself, here is the link:

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