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PacketStream - cool idea, but a very fishy website that you need to avoid by all means

PacketStream is quite new on the market. It got advertised on different websites devoted to beermoney. Personally, I have first heard about them on reddit. The idea seemed cool, and they promised a lot. Basically, it is a passive way to earn money - you give a small part of your traffic to... well, some strangers. Of course, it was claimed that everything is protected and your traffic cannot be used in the bad way. It was a lie. Anyway, it started pretty damn good, and I got $2 in a first hour. Excited, I started to calculate my profit in a long-run... starting from the next day, I was only getting 1 cent a day. The situation has not changed for five months already - and I am sure it will not. I have reached a minimal withdrawal balance, which is $5. Now I am on my second week of waiting for it to payout... anyway, I will list briefly the reasons why it sucks and you should avoid it by ALL MEANS. There will not be a benefit section, it is just not worth trying.


- Pay rates are awful. I have described it already, earning 1 cent passively every day is nothing. That is $3.6 in a year, nah, thanks, I would rather have 100 mb more on my PC.

- They lie & your data is used for bots. That's the main issue, which is just horrible. Even though they claimed to be totally safe and to limit the websites users can use, actually they have their accounts on various websites used for botting. It means that your IP and everything is used by some bad guy to hide their identity and use it for their dirty means. The results may be from being banned on some beermoney websites to actually getting arrested, if the case gets absurd (nope, it did not happen yet). Anyway, just avoid it.

All in all, this company is running a very shady business and you should simply avoid it. Do not believe that you can earn passively that easy - you cannot. Do not risk by selling your data. Everything can be found on reddit and other beermoney forums, googling "PacketStream" will show you some forums where they promote their service. I will not leave the link here, just to make sure they get nothing from anyone and go bankrupt one day.

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