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MooCash - earn by reviewing apps/leaving comments

This app pays pretty generous, and I think it is worth to have it on your smartphone. However, it is far from perfect. You can decide for yourself whether you want to use it, I will describe my experience as usual.


+ Good pay rates. They pay around $1.5 for every review, which is not that bad and similar websites usually have much lower rates. 

+ A variety of tasks. Their offer differ a lot, from reviewing an app to leaving a comment on someone's YouTube video.

+ Many ways to payout. MooCash has many variants, from classic PayPal to various gift cards. 

+ International. No matter what your location is, you can use this app freely.


- It is pretty hard to download. Recently it was removed from mobile stores (I guess because they of their "illegal" activity, I will explain it a bit later), so you have to follow an instruction to download it. Check their website to see how to do it.

- Inappropriate tasks. If we talking facts, you will be boosting some shitty apps and tricking people. Not that good in terms of morality, right?

Overall, this app is decent, but it is understandable that some people may find it an awful service for their taste. If you are not one of them, use this link to download it on your phone:

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