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MindSumo - earn money by helping companies to solve issues

MindSumo is a great app to earn some additional money from home without much efforts. However, it is slightly different from other apps and websites. Perhaps you have noticed that ways to earn online usually are quite simply and do not demand much from you? Well, with MindSumo you can finally earn with your brain - mainly with your ideas! The concept of the app is that there are many companies that want to hear your ideas on how to deal with some problem, how to tackle some issue. But do not worry, you do not have to be a genius to get paid here: usually 50% of participants get paid. Personally, every time I took part, I was one of the "winners" and earned some generous cash. Let's see MindSumo's benefits and drawbacks.


+ International. Even though some of their jobs may be US-only - or even India-only - they usually include that in their description, most of the jobs are international and demands from you only to speak a decent English.

+ Generous pay rates. Their pay rates differ a lot, for some tasks the top places may get up to $100 for their answers. Usually they rate all answers and pay $20-25 for 10% best participants, then $8-10 for 15% of answers next and $2-5 for the remaining participants.

+ Everything depends on you. That's right, there is no luck involved, you can earn your money with your ideas and, well, brain. I guess some people prefer to earn money online by doing some easy jobs, but I will still include this one as a plus side.


- Takes long to check. After you have submitted your idea, it has to be reviewed. This process can be a lengthy one - usually it takes around 1 month for company to review answers, sometimes it is even longer.

- PayPal only. This problem happens a lot, as you could have noticed.

- You may find it hard. This issue is actually to be expected: many companies search for users with some deep knowledge in the field they are interested in. So it may demand a lot of skills, not only a decent English to present your ideas nicely, but sometimes also designing skills, projecting experience... the list can be endless. Usually I check the app once a month to check if there is anything where I can be useful and have some interesting ideas. Well, perhaps you're better than me and can easily present a unique idea to every topic, so give it a try.

Overall, even though it may be a pretty challenging way to earn money online, it is still a very profitable app compared to many others on market. It may take some time - depends on your idea, perhaps you want to present a 10000-words one, but usually it does not take more than 40 minutes to write one. I will recommend to try at least once, it is not as hard as it may seem. And yes, sometimes I felt that I was writing some utter bullshit but still was one of the best answers... it happens. Anyway, here are the links for you:

Android: strangely, the link is not available, even though they list on their app. I have written to them and waiting for the response on that issue.


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