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methinks - earn by taking part in focus groups, surveys, interviews and game testing

​It came to me as a big surprise, but this site has slipped under the radar of many beermoney users. In my experience, it is one the best apps around. It offers a variety of projects to complete: surveys, focus groups, interviews, game testing. Perhaps it is not something you can call a stable earning, but it works and pays a lot.

Let's start from listing its benefits:

+ Very good rates. The payments vary, starting from $2 for 1-minute surveys to $120 for week-long projects. Using this website, I have NEVER had an idea "they underpaid me for my time and efforts", vice versa, a thought "what is actually there to pay for?" came across very often.

+ Works international. For me it was a huge plus side, since I reside in Eastern Europe and many websites are just not available for me. This one works great almost all around the world. I believe you will earn more being a US resident, since some offers specify the location (and it is usually either South Korea or USA).

+ Interesting jobs. Probably not all of them, but the ones I did were great. I have done 4-5 app testing and it was exciting to take part in their projects, I have never felt it was boring or tiring. It is a really rare thing for earning websites, so I appreciate it a lot.

+ Fast & helpful support team. Once I had a problem with app I have tested. I couldn't finish it until the deadline, so I asked the support team and they resolved it just fine.

+ Payments every week (and no commission!). Another benefit that is quite rare for many earning websites. You get paid every Friday on Paypal, there is no commission or fee, you get the full sum.

+ Bonuses. You can be invited to complete an interview or survey after the project and earn another $20. I have never been chosen though, so I cannot tell much details here.

Some downsides:

- Not stable. To be honest, if you have enough experience in the field of online earning, you will understand that beermoney is VERY unstable. There is almost no exceptions. So in the case you are not invited for some time, do not panic and just keep applying. Occasionally a drought will end and you will invited.

- Location-dependent. As I have already said, you will probably have more success if you reside in the US/South Korea. It is still amazing that site works international that well, so don't let it discourage you.

- Paypal only.​ If Paypal is only available in your country, you may find more luck in other websites.

Overall, I have earned more than $400 in a year of using it and I would recommend it for sure.

They also have a nice referral bonus for both invited users and the inviter. After you download it and fill everything, do not forget to find "Referral Bonus" section and put a referral code. This way you can earn up to $10 bonus for the project you complete, very generous, I have to say. You can use my referral code: alexander0016

Wish you good luck!