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Lucky Day - avoid them, almost impossible to withdraw

Lucky Day is an app available for both iOS and Android. Its concept seems cool, you just scratch cards for free and win... or do not win. There are also some raffles and lottery every day. Sounds great, but actually there is a huge issue with this app. You start great, winning a dollar or two every day. However, as you get closer to withdrawing $10, you stop to win. At all. Not even $0.25. You get stuck on that sum for MONTHS. Most users have $9-9.5 and just lose their patience and delete this app. Some reviews claim that they were able to withdraw after four or five months of winning nothing. Is it worth it? No, not at all. Do not get motivated by seeing that you getting closer to the $10 you desire so much, Lucky Day is very tricky and you will not be paid. I would not say they are scammy though, they actually pay - for example, if you are from the US, you can use their currency to get some gift cards. It is still not worth your time or efforts, I would not waste my time - even if it is only 10 minutes every day - to earn $5 gift card once a month. Lucky Day is definitely one of the prime examples of "Sites to Avoid" category.

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