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​Guessmaster - earn by testing your luck every day

Have you ever dreamt to win in a lottery? Well, that is a bit silly question, I guess everyone have at least once. Then this website is just for you! Luckily, it offers more chances than in a usual lottery, the tasks are slightly different as well. Let's see it benefits and drawbacks.


+ Very easy. That's right, you just have to guess - nothing more. It is a total no-brainer, which is cool.

+ Takes 2-3 minutes a day. Another vital point for many busy people. All you need is just a few minutes every day to click through their tasks and input your guess.

+ International. Even though their website states that it is UK only, it is actually available international, so do not worry about the payments, I promise it.


- Quite limited. The offers are very limited and usually there is no much variety included.

- Depends on your luck. Well, that thing is obvious, you have to guess after all. Sometimes basic math skills are still needed.

Paypal only. If PayPal is not available in your country, then sorry, this website is not for you.

Overall, it is a pleasant way to spend two minutes of your time, perhaps soon you will be a winner of one of their contests. Personally, I have as close as 1 number to winning $60 prize, but no luck that time. Maybe you will be more lucky than me? The link is here:

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