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Gamekit - earn by playing games

This website specializes on the idea of playing games for cash. It is simple, you do some quests in computer games and get paid. The amount depends on the task and the game and it may vary very greatly. This website is not for everyone, but I'll advise to give it a go at least.


​​+ Unique idea. Some people - like gamers - may find it exciting, isn't it a dream - to earn while playing? Well, not really, as the games are usually not that great. Nevertheless, it is still very different from usual tasks and may be not as monotone as other websites.

+ Great referral program. You may earn more than $10 for a person, which is VERY generous. Very few websites can offer that. If you have some friends to invite, do not let such an opportunity go away.

+ Many ways to payout. This thing is actually can be a downside for some and a plus side for others. They have a lot of niche ways to pay you - some skins or games. I prefer steam cards. Traditional Paypal is technically there, but it is sold out most of the time, so good luck. I would rather go with a steam card.

Downsides are also present and for some people they may be very tough:

- Limitations. Some good ways to payout are under exp wall. It means that you have to complete many tasks to get paid. I think it is possible to get $60 until you can payout. Well, some offers that may be slightly worse are still available, so don't be discouraged.

- Unpredictable. Let me explain - when you take an offer you cannot see what other quests may be. So it is very possible that the next quest is something that you have done occasionally and it will be canceled. Therefore, I recommend to act according to the tasks and do not go too much ahead. It is also possible that the last, the most profitable task will be something like "donate $10".

- Manual checks. They check your tasks manually, so it may take some time for them to do it. Don't expect to get your offer accepted in a hour if you do it at nighttime for Europe.

Overall, this website may take a long time to withdraw, but it is worth to give it a try. They are legit, it is just their way to make profit and to keep their business going. I believe it is a nice way to spend your free time not only earning some cash for yourself, but also enjoying the process. 

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