A blog which is must-read to anyone who wants to learn how to earn online - earn on the website that provides the best rates for offerwalls

This website is just awesome, I believe it is one of the best among their field. I'll advise to give them a try at least, they are nice to work with. They have very lucrative offers, some of them I will name in the end of the article.


+ Generous pay rates. Let's see how offerwalls work: basically, a website holds a commission and pays you the remaining sum. Usually this commission is 20%, sometimes 30% if the website is too greedy - is great though, it holds only around 5% commission. If you don't believe me, you can compare it with other websites.

+ Nice support. You can see administators in the chat from time to time, they are usually quick to response and you can always have a nice chat with them.

+ Many ways to payout. They offer bitcoin, ethereum, litcoin and many other coins, as well as classic website. That's really rare to see, and it is a nice thing for sure.

+ Low withdrawal limit. You have to get only $1 to payout, no need to grind the website forever. Another cool thing to quickly grab some cash online.

+ Some unique offers. Some of their offers are specific and you will not find them anywhere else.

+ International. Works for everyone everywhere, that's cool.

There are some downsides, but they are tolerable:

- Sometimes they may limit your account. It means it will take some time for them to check you manually. I would not call it a major minus side, it is just their protection against multiaccounts.

- Limited choice of offerwalls. They do not offer many of them, and sometimes some of them may disappear for some time.

- Not many survey routers. They don't offer much survey routers either, so perhaps there are some better websites if you only want to do surveys.

Overall, is a nice website if you want to earn cash by doing offers on offerwalls: I doubt you'll find any other websites paying as high as this one.
And now the offers that are really lucrative. Doing the following steps, you may earn $23 in 10-20 minutes. 
1) Register and go to adgate offerwall. Here you may find an offer that needs you to register on timebucks. It pays $7.7 for completing it.
2) You get $1 as a bonus on timebucks. Now you have to find AdGem offerwall and find a task called VyprVPN (one year subscribtion). It pays around $15. Pay for the subscription via PayPal or your credit card.
3) You get paid on timebucks, withdraw it. Withdraw cash on Then use the VPN for a bit, make up a reason to cancel it and write to support asking to refund it. You have 30 days to get your money back.
That's it, you get $23 and get to use some (pretty bad, to be honest) VPN for a month.
Give it a try using my link:

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