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Freebird - earn simply by taking a taxi

Freebird, a quite famous app - available on both iOS and Android - pays for something you would not expect - taking a taxi! They offer a huge referral bonus, both for the one who shared the code and for an invited person. The sum is $10 for two rides. They also have some nice bonuses to get your first rides totally free, well, unless it is a costly ride. Both Lyft & Uber are available. They are 100% legit, and it is a great way to make some money by saving on your rides. Unfortunately, they are US only, at least for now, so no luck to other countries. For that reason I cannot be sure of all details, so try it out for yourself, perhaps it is the easiest and most enjoyable way to make cash in the Internet!

The referral code of mine is kff62, ​use it to get $10 bonus described above

You can read more about the system on their website, which is



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