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dscout - earn by completing studies

Dscout is a nice way to earn some cash in the Internet by completing studies. The topics vary greatly, from one's traveling habits to your work office surroundings. They are very generous with their pay rates; they can really be called one of the best companies on beermoney market.

Let's start with the benefits:

+ Good rates. For your participation in the study they pay typically from $20 to $100. Note that you have to qualify, it is usually the hardest thing to do in those studies. Overall, usually the studies are worth your time.

+ Fast payments. They take one week to pay you, which is pretty fast.

+ Works internationally. They have a variety of tasks for non-US users as well, so give it a try.

The app is not perfect, though, and may have the following downsides:

- Privacy. To qualify, you have to record a video first, typically giving a talk on some topic or answering a question. Personally, I find it a little hard to do, and seeing yourself on the record can be weird.

- May be hard to qualify. Topics are quite specific, so it can be a hassle to get to participate in a project. It took me about 4 tries to take part in one of those.

- Not stable. This point is not surprising for such kind of apps. Sometimes there is a total drought, sometimes 10+ tasks. I'd recommend to check it at least once a day, just in case.

Overall, it is a great way to earn some cash on the web, though I should admit it is not perfect and some people may find it disturbing. If you feel confident, definitely give it a try!



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