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clickworker - earn by helping AI development

Clickworker is a great app to earn pretty good amounts of money. You will also help AI development, with that you may feel as a very high-tech and cool person that cares for our future, right? Jokes aside, I will tell you my opinion on that app as usual.


+ Good pay rates. They have a lot of tasks, but the best ones pay you up to $30 (they use euro on their app though). That is very generous for such apps and it is probably one of the most paying ones among them.

+ International. Users from all over the world may try out this app, which is great.

+ Great referral program. If you have many nice friends, you may ask them to join and earn some cash as well. They pay very generous, take my word for it.


- Privacy. Their tasks may seem not suitable for everyone, since most of them demand you to film your face, body or surroundings. They use it for AI development, so do not worry about that much and give it a try.

- Paypal only. Sorry for the minority where PayPal is not available.

​​Overall, it is an awesome app with very luctrative offers. I would recommend to give it a try. Personally I have earned more than $30 and waiting for another withdrawal. Remember this tip: follow their instructions very closely; otherwise you may be very upset after it gets refused. It really hurts when it happens. 

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