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Attently Audience - earn passively watching videos

This website has an interesting idea: basically, it observes your emotions through your webcam and it pays you for watching videos on YouTube, Hulu and other streaming websites. Many people find that their privacy is more important than some cash, but I'll list the plus and minus sides for you to choose for yourself.


+ Totally passive. You don't have to do anything out of your natural habits. This type of earning is quite rare, so I would appreciate finding one of those.

+ Good rates. They pay around $0.4 per hour, which is actually awesome for a passive earning. I watch YouTube 2-3 hours a day, so it is $1 a day in a totally passive way! Nothing much, but still a nice bonus.

+ Bonuses. Every week or so they send you an e-mail asking to watch their adds. They pay pretty generous as well, typically 50-90 cents for a minute of your time.

As I've said, Attently Audience is not that perfect. The downsides are:

- Privacy. For many users being watched is a total no-no. They find it very disturbing, which is understandable. The website itself ensures that it doesn't store your information and uses it for AI goals only, but it is still a huge downside and it is a matter of trust, I believe.

- US only. Other users have no luck there, don't even try, you won't get paid, even if money will go on your balance. They say that they will launch it in other countries soon, but they have been ensuring so for a year already.

Overall, this app is rather rare, since beermoney sites are usually not passive. If you do not care about your privacy that much, you may enjoy a nice and easy $40 a month passively.

Link to their website:

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