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AppJobber - earn by taking pictures in the shops

AppJobber is a great microjobbing app that is located in Germany. European users will probably find more luck with that one than American or Asian ones, but I would advise to download it to check for yourself. To complete the task and earn some generous amounts of cash, you need to go to your local shop and make pictures of requested items that want to see. The tasks are easy to complete, though your first try may be not successful at first, but support team will be happy to help you and show your mistakes, as well as give you the second chance. Anyway, let's go to the usual plus and minus sides.


+ Great pay rates. They differ from one country to another, but for my country it was from $10 to $40 for one task. It is pretty good, as you need to spend only an hour of your time, sometimes less if you can do everything quickly and have some experience in that.

+ Responsive support team. They helped me a lot whenever I have encountered an issue, were nice to wait for a week for me to complete the task, and also patient enough to instruct me the third time and show me what I did wrong. You may seem disappointed after your first fail, even angry, but just count it as a valuable experience and definitely not a problem of the company, but rather your lack of experience.

+ Quick payouts. If I am not mistaken, they have paid me in just 3 days. I will attach the screenshot after the post.


- Location-dependent. As I have already said, some users may have zero tasks, while others may be lucky to find a huge number of tasks available around them.

- App may be prone to crashes and bugs. Sometimes you may not see any jobs, or jobs from the other locations may be shown to you. Just refresh the app until it works correctly. Be patient, you may need to refresh it for many times.

- PayPal only. As far as I know, they do not offer anything other than PayPal for now.

Overall, this company is legit and pays just fine. They are very nice to work with and definitily worth giving a try. I would not actually call it a way to earn ONLINE, as you have to get out of your house, but a small walk is also healthy, I guess, and it is counted as one of the beermoney methods. Here are the links:



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